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Beginner's Ukrainian (англ.)
Beginner's Ukrainian (англ.) - Юрій Іванович Шевчук
Написано: 2013 року
Твір додано: 21-10-2021, 14:38


Yuri Shevchuk: Beginner's Ukrainian (2nd edition). NYC, USA: Hippocrene Books, 2013. 431 pp. Paperback.
ISBN 978-0781813242
This is the most carefully-paced and modern Ukrainian guide published to date. Fifteen lessons will help beginners master the complex grammar while covering everyday topics like family and travel. Along with the book, readers have access to an interactive companion website with audio dialogues and self-correcting exercises.

The second edition has been updated with new exercises, grammar lessons, photographs and illustrations. Beginner s Ukrainian covers such common conversational topics as meeting people, traveling, shopping, hobbies, family relations, vacationing, meals, weather, and much more. Priority is given to developing learners conversational skills while providing them with a solid grammar foundation. The book s companion website offers a wealth of interactive conversational, grammar, and phonetic drills designed for use by both independent and instructor-led learners.

The book includes fifteen useful lessons, covering everyday situations such as introductions, family, and shopping
An interactive website featuring audio dialogues and exercises recorded using native speakers is also available to users.

The guide also includes useful cultural and grammatical notes; appendices of critical information, including declension tables, noun endings, common Ukrainian names, numbers, verb conjugations and more; and a Ukrainian-English/ English-Ukrainian dictionary of words used in the book.
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